"With my seat at the table, I bring voices that can mobilize smart decisions."

Hi, it's nice to virtually meet you.
⠀⠀My name is Jude Park. I'm a user experience designer who mobilize people through fair design thinking.
⠀⠀For the past 3 years I have worked in startups, innovation labs and entrepreneurship fellowships.
⠀⠀I studied User Experience Design, Information Systems Design, Information Science at University of Toronto (Masters) and Anthropology, Linguistics, History at Trent University (Bachelors).
⠀⠀I was born in South Korea, moved to Canada when I was nine, grew up in Jane and Weston of Toronto.
⠀⠀I'm always working on a project. Let's connect online.

jude@judepark.com / @judepark
Q & A
I believe in creating your own opportunities. Which is why I started Loo, a venture that aims to help you find accessible public toilets in your city.
As a designer, I prioritize the user experience of my design systems. As an individual, I believe in ethical responsibilities, and creating an accessible future for all.
I like to invent new things. I love working in creative environments and being a designer allows me to express myself creatively to solve problems. I also like technology - thinking, writing, and talking about how it can transform our lives.
I am an ex-refugee, orphan, assault survivor, grew up in Jane and Weston, LGBT+ member. I'm also incredibly resourceful, thoughtful and creative. I love to swim, write, code. I help out with the non-profit BridgeTO.

2019 -

User Design Research Consultant


Toronto, Ontario


Entrepreneur Fellow

Venture for Canada


2017 - 2018

UI.UX Designer


Toronto, Ontario

2009 - 2016


TPL / OPS / UofT / ect.

Toronto, Ontario